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Developing outstanding nurture provision

What is a nurture group?

A nurture group is a small group of 6 to 12 students usually based in a mainstream educational setting and staffed by two supportive adults. Nurture groups offer a short term, focused intervention which addresses barriers to learning arising from social, emotional or behavioural difficulties (SEBD), in an inclusive, supportive manner. Children and young people continue to remain part of their own class group and usually return full time within 4 terms.


Proven outcomes

I have initiated, developed and worked as a nurture teacher and nurture lead for two groups within a large mainstream setting for over 6 years. Practice in these groups has been recognised as 'exemplary'. With the school going on to offer enhanced provision placements for children at risk of exclusion in the locality as part of a local authority SEMH pilot project. I have since worked alongside other schools in Birmingham, Coventry and West Sussex to develop several other highly successful nurture groups.


"The outstanding and highly successful work being carried out in the nurture group is having a positive impact on those most vulnerable pupils, particularly on improving their self-esteem, confidence and behaviour."  

Ofsted 2009 (p7)


"The teaching of pupils who are part of the school’s nurture group is exemplary. Exceptionally well trained and knowledgeable staff re-engage these pupils with learning and help them to play an important part in this school’s community."

Ofsted 2013 (p5)


Meet the Nurture Need setup programme

This programme gives schools the foundation knowledge and support to set up a successful nurture provision within their own settings. The programme consists of:

  • Initial consultation with head/deputy and SENCO/Inclusion Manager
  • Tracking progress and outcomes session 
  • Philosophy and policy development 
  • Planning the group
  • Creating a nurture space
  • Precursor staff meeting - What is a nurture group?
  • Ongoing: Daily practicalities support (up to 3 hours support)
  • Attachment staff meeting
  • Ongoing: Are we ready for re-inclusion? support (up to 3 hours support)
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