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Support Options

I offer a range of services to meet the needs of your children and young people through personalised child centred support and through wider strategic and systemic work. I offer proven experience, advice and training that enables authentic inclusion and outstanding practice in the following areas:

  • Developing outstanding nurture provision and a nurturing school ethos
  • PATH - Facilitated graphic visioning and whole team action planning 
  • Team Teach - Holistic preemptive approaches to behaviour, including positive handling, risk reduction and restraint
  • SENCO mentoring & whole school system development
  • SEND Review 
  • SEN audits and observations 
  • Child centred observations, advice, reports and action planning
  • Interventions and environments
  • Understanding and implementing the SEN Code of Practice 

If you would like advice on the types of support that would be most suitable for your needs, I offer honest advice on the best ways to move forward through a free, no obligation, consultation. 


Bespoke Support

Every school is different with varying levels of in-house expertise.  Therefore, whilst I offer a range of distinct training programmes, I am also able to support individual school needs through a range of personalised training elements including:

  • SENCO mentoring and coaching
    • Support to understand implement the SEN Code of Practice
    • Practical systems to ensure information is shared effectively and accountability is clear
    • Evidencing progress
    • Impact reporting and action planning
  • Introductory behaviour management training
    • Suitable for NQTs and midday supervisors
    • Looks at the underpinning instincts and needs that drive behaviours
    • Can be targeted to meet specific CPD needs
  • Peer Massage
    • One staff meeting to outline benefits and practice
    • Available policies and permission letters
    • The benefit of 15 minutes each day include:
      • Well-being and relaxation
      • Social communication and respectful relationships
      • Optimised learning and increased concentration
      • A sense of autonomy and control through choices - safeguarding
      • Self-awareness and body image
  • Child observations
    • Detailed observations where skills and experience of staff are highlighted and made explicit alongside areas for improvement
    • Indications of need are illustrated
    • Practical follow up action points 
  • Environment planning and SEMH intervention development 
    • Playtime planing
    • Retreat area creation and use
    • Classroom layouts
    • Embedding social and emotional literacy teaching
  • Effective behaviour tracking systems
    • Collating and analysing behavioural trends
    • Action planning
  • Triangulating and evidencing SEMH progress




Registered Address:

12a Marlborough Place,


BN1 1WN.


Registered in England and Wales. Registered Number 9740485

Recent associate work

  • Highlands School, Enfield
  • The Kingfisher School, Bristol
  • Langley Green Primary School, Crawley 


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